Children’s Human Hair Wigs

Children’s Wigs in San Diego

San Diego Hair Loss Center provides children’s human hair wigs using 100% real hair.

It can be very difficult for children who are experiencing hair loss. In fact, an estimated 3% of all pediatric visits are related to hair loss. Regardless of the reason, whether it be alopecia, cancer, or other health issues, your child deserves comfort and reassurance. In order to avoid insecurities and stress, you will want to search for solutions to their hair loss. Hair solutions can provide confidence and joy in the life of your child. Here at the Hair Loss Center in San Diego, we want to help you and your child find the perfect Amani wig for their needs.

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Why Children Experience Hair Loss

Surprisingly, there are many reasons why your child may be experiencing hair loss. All stem from different problems in physical health, mental health, or simply lifestyle choices. Whether it’s your son or your daughter, they both may feel ostracized due to lack of hair. It’s important to consult your doctor in order to correctly diagnose the issue.  Children may experience hair thinning or hair loss for several reasons. These include: 
  • Fungal or bacterial infection on the scalp
    • These types of infections can happen for a number of reasons. For example, ringworm is a type of fungus infection that can lead to hair loss. It can be transmitted from people, objects, or even animals. If there’s an infection of ringworm on the scalp, it can result in itchy, bald spots.
  • Autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia 
    • Also known as pediatric alopecia, this type of alopecia affects children. There are many causes of pediatric alopecia. There are non-medical reasons, as well as medical ones. Visit your doctor to have your child properly diagnosed. 
  • Trichotillomania
    • Trichotillomania is a psychological condition that causes urges to pull your own hair. This can be especially debilitating to young children. The causes of trichotillomania are still not known. 
  • Chemotherapy
    • Chemotherapy is a treatment used for cancer patients. Chemotherapy often results in hair loss due to the intensity of the treatment. Children are no exemption. Hair loss on top of cancer treatment can be difficult for a child’s emotional, mental, and physical state. 
  • Thyroid disease
    • Pediatric thyroid disease is a term used to describe thyroid disease that affects children. Thyroid disease is a complicated condition that can be caused by multiple reasons. Your child can get diagnosed with pediatric thyroid disease with blood tests. Common symptoms are constipation, fatigue, muscle cramping, depression, and much more. 
  • Third-degree burns
    • Unfortunate accidents are sometimes unpreventable. Third-degree burns on hair follicles can cause permanent damage, making it difficult for hair to grow.  If your child has suffered through a third-degree burn for any reason, a natural, human hair wig may be the solution. 
  • Even other factors such as tight ponytails
    • Improper care of a child’s hair and scalp can result in hair loss. It’s important to consult with a doctor about your child’s scalp health to determine the proper styling and hygienic choices that cater to their needs. 
Regardless of the reason why your child may be experiencing hair loss, it can have detrimental effects on their mental and emotional health. For instance, children experiencing hair loss are subject to bullying from peers. Constant harassment and self-conscious feelings can often result in low esteem. The build-up of these negative incidents can result in childhood trauma. 

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Children deserve to be happy and confident in their appearance, and ultimately in themselves. While hair loss can be debilitating, the proper hair loss solutions can turn their life around. Children’s human hair wigs can provide a quick and helpful solution to their hair loss. It will allow your kid to live their life with confidence and without fear of being judged.  Here at the Hair Loss Center in San Diego, we proudly serve those looking for hair loss solutions. Our manufactured wigs for children go through a specific process according to your child’s measurements. This guarantees a perfect and comfortable fit. Our highly trained and compassionate wig specialists are ready to help you find the perfect Amani wig for your child.  Additionally, our children’s wigs are made to appear as natural as your child’s own hair. By taking the measurements of the head shape, size, and location of the hairline, we are able to produce exact wigs to fit your child’s appearance. Likewise, this natural appearance is due to us using real human hair to make our wigs. Call us at (858) 284-4834 to schedule a personal consultation to give your child a look they’ll love and feel confident in!