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When you wear a custom-made Amani Human Hair Wig from San Diego Hair Loss Center, you know your Hair Loss is being concealed by the very best quality human hair wigs on the market.

Welcome to the Amani Wig Hair Collection.

You’ll be getting an Amani Wig made just for you, unlike purchasing a wig online. Each of our Amani Wigs are custom-made according to your head size and shape, natural hair color and texture, as well as your face frame and personal style. Even your closest friends and family will never notice you are wearing Alternative Hair. ​ San Diego Hair Loss Center located in La Jolla, offers a wide selection of lengths, hairstyles, and colors to choose from. Wear your wig for any occasion, from formal events to your yoga or spin class. Our Human Hair Wigs offer extreme comfort, functionality and of course a natural look.

Amani Hair Collection Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Our Lace Front Human Hair Wigs look & feel like your natural hair. ​ A premium Amani Hair custom wig from San Diego Hair Loss Center is indistinguishable from your natural hair. Custom Made Wigs are a preferred Hair Loss Solution for Alopecia sufferers and those undergoing treatment from Chemotherapy or experiencing Natural Hair Loss.

Design 1

Design 1 Crown: 6″ (15.25cm)
Sides: 5.25″ (13.33cm)
Back: 4″ (10.16cm)
Nape: 2.25″ (5.71cm)
Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable

Design 1


Crown: 8’’ (20.32cm)

Sides: 7.5’’ (19.05cm)

Back: 6’’ (15.24cm)

Nape: 3’’ (7.62cm)

Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft


Restore your hair and your confidence.

​Whether you have Thinning Hair or you have experienced Total Hair Loss, our custom custom-made Amani Hair Collection wigs can help to restore your hair and your confidence.

Design 2

Crown: 11’’ (27.94cm)
Sides: 12’’ (30.48cm)
Back: 9.5’’ (24.13cm)
Nape: 8’’ (20.32cm)
Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft
Also available in
Design 2N: Crown 9-10’’ Sides 9’’ Back 7.5’’ Nape 6’’
Design 2M: Crown 10-11’’ Sides 10’’ Back 8.5’’ Nape 7’’

A high quality Amani wig, made just for you.

​​Each of our wigs is hand-designed with delicate precision and the softest materials used to ensure the snuggest, most scratch-free fit. ​ Amani Wigs are free of any glue, tape or clips. The Freehold Cap is ideal for bald scalps and provides superior hold for all lifestyles.

Design 2.1

​​Crown: 8’’ (20.32cm)
​​ Sides: 7.5’’ (19.05cm)
Back: 6’’ (15.24cm)
Nape: 3’’ (7.62cm)
Cap Type: Free HoldTM, Closed Weft FH, Closed Weft

100% High Quality Human Hair – only the best

​​​Amani Hair Collection wigs are comprised of 100% Human Hair, which means that you can style your wig any way you choose with heat or not. Only a custom wig will fit securely and look real during any activity and for any occasion. While store-bought wigs can chafe, scratch, move around or appear mismatched with your natural hairline, a custom wig looks and feels like your real hair.

Design 4

​Crown: 14’’ (35.56cm)
Sides: 14’’ (35.56cm)
Back: 13’’ (33.02cm)
Nape: 12’’ (30.48cm)
Cap Type: Closed Weft Adjustable, Closed Weft FH
Also available in
Design 4-1: Crown 13’’ Sides 13’’ Back 12’’ Nape 11’’

Luxurious, beautiful and natural looking.

​​​​​San Diego Hair Loss Center designs and manufactures Amani Hair Collection Wigs, Toppers, Hair Extensions and luxurious volume Hairpieces for anyone experiencing Hair Loss in San Diego. Amani hair products must meet rigorous standards for quality, fit and comfort. Just ask Nazy, she wears Amani Hair herself. The Amani Hair Collection features beautiful natural looking Lace Front Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions, made from the highest quality hand-selected European Hair. Our products are designed personally by Nazy Curtis.

Berlin Collection

​​​​​Exclusive invitation to luxury hair is now available to you. We present the amani® Berlin Collection – our exquisite, entry level, luxury human hair wig line. With a starter package, it has never been a better time to venture into the discerning world of amani®. The amani® Berlin Collection offers a more economical package accompanied with the same product excellence for which amani® has become known.




Ready-to-Wear Collection

​​​​​Ready-To-Wear wigs are simple. They come complete with our high quality South European hair, amani cap, and are pre-colored and pre-cut. You’re all set to go!





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