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San Diego Hair Loss Center carry a wide variety of men’s human hair wigs.

Hair loss can be such a stressful event for those experiencing it. It’s also a much more common issue than many would imagine. About 85% of men experience hair loss by the time they’re 50. Some guys may even begin to lose their hair before turning 21. This demonstrates just how common hair loss is among men. There needs to be a solution for this.

Here at San Diego Hair Loss Center, we specialize in providing hairpieces, toupees, and wigs for men. We’re ready to help you find the perfect hair loss solution according to the severity of your hair loss. Depending on the severity, you’ll be able to choose which option best suits you. For example:

Hairpiece: A detachable hair accessory to help volumize and bring life to hair loss. There are several types of hairpieces.
Toupes: A smaller-sized wig designed to cover bald spots on the top of your head.
Wig: A full range covering for severe hair loss.

Most Common Causes for Men’s Hair Loss

As previously mentioned, it’s actually quite common for men to experience some form of hair loss at a certain point in their life. There are several reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss as a man. These reasons include: 

  • Aging
    • Aging is one of the most common reasons why men experience hair loss. It can be inevitable for some men due to genetics. 
  • Genetics
    • Genetics plays a big role in our physical attributes. Some men’s genetics cause them to experience hair loss at an early age. This can be seen in receding hairlines or thinning hair at a premature age. 
  • Hormone Changes
    • One of the most important hormones in a man’s body is testosterone. When there is a decline of this hormone, it can cause many changes to a man’s body. One of these changes includes hair loss/hair thinning. Proper treatment can help minimize hair loss under these conditions. 
  • Autoimmune diseases (ex. Alopecia)
    • Alopecia is a form of an autoimmune disease that affects hair growth. When a man has alopecia, their immune system attacks their own hair follicles. As a result, they experience sudden hair loss. Hair loss can occur anywhere on the body. 
  • Chemotherapy
    • Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer patients. Due to the intensity of this treatment, a person’s body can undergo difficult changes. One of these changes is extreme hair loss. 
  • Stress
    • Stressful events in a man’s life can cause issues in their health. For example, stress can trigger conditions like alopecia or hormonal change. Stress can result in hair loss or hair thinning. 

It is common to feel frustrated and upset about experiencing hair loss, regardless of the reason for it. We work to help you address this issue the best way we can, by providing men’s human hair wigs that fit you. Our solutions to men’s hair loss will allow you to let go of the worry of hair thinning or loss. 

How to Maintain Mens’ Human Hair Wigs and Hairpieces

With our men’s human hair wigs, you’ll be able to continue living your life just as you did. Our hair replacements are designed to fit your exact head size. Not only do they look natural, but also remain in place while looking great. 

Our men’s human hair wigs by Amani will allow you to continue the activities you love. This means you can enjoy high-impact activities without worrying that your wig or hairpiece will fall off. We are dedicated to providing hair loss solutions for men. 

Our Amani hairpieces and wigs are made with 100% human hair. Caring for your wig properly will maintain its natural appearance and quality. How often you wear your wig helps us determine when you should wash it. Using proper shampoo and conditioner that will not dry the hair and make it brittle can help extend your wig’s life. You won’t need to fuss over extra products to keep your wig looking natural and great. With proper care, your wig can last up to a full year or more.  

Private Consultation in San Diego for Men’s Human Hair Wigs

Here at San Diego Hair Loss Center, we offer quality Amani men’s wigs. Additionally, we also have a selection of men toupees and men’s lace front wigs that guarantees a natural appearance. Our men’s human hair wigs are made to fit snugly and comfortably. With a wide selection of unique designs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for you. 

Moreover, our men’s wigs are made with the finest human hair and are handcrafted with quality materials. We pride ourselves in offering natural and long-lasting men’s hair loss replacement that will make you feel confident in yourself again. 

Schedule a private consultation with our experienced and talented wig specialists.