Nazy Curtis

Hair Loss Center in San Diego

Meet Nazy Curtis, CEO & President

Breast Cancer Survivor – San Diego Businesswoman

Nazy Curtis is the proud owner of San Diego Hair Loss Center. She is also a breast cancer survivor and lead volunteer for the American Cancer Society at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange County.

Nazy began her career as a hair stylist at Vidal Sassoon in Germany in 1983 before traveling the world as a color educator. She has worked alongside some of the industry’s best, including Elliot Tumbler, Frank Henrich, and Juesepet Carnavale.

The concept of the San Diego Hair Loss Center came about following a fight with breast cancer. She experienced Hair Loss due to Alopecia and then Chemotherapy due to breast Cancer.

​Nazy understands what women endure when their hair begins to thin, or they lose their hair altogether due to one or more medical conditions.

​She decided to utilize her extensive experience as a hair stylist combined with her personal challenges of Hair Loss in San Diego from Alopecia and Chemotherapy to help other women and men in similar situations.

Beyond addressing Hair Loss due to medical conditions, Nazy has developed an extensive line of Human Hair Wigs, Toppers, Hair Extensions, Hairpieces and Hair Products for a variety of aesthetic effects.

Her creations are ideal for those seeking Hair Loss Solutions that offer enhanced volume, longer luxurious length, or an entirely new look that is attractive, comfortable, and affordable.

“My wig has been a lifesaver for me in many ways! I wear it all the time, even when I do Yoga and swim, I feel like I can do anything with it!Nazy has always been there for me”