Human Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients

Cancer Wigs in San Diego

Our human hair wigs for Cancer patients are meant to help them and make them feel better. Cancer patients experience several health changes, especially when they’re undergoing chemotherapy. The doses of the chemotherapy drugs can affect the body in several ways. The most common reaction to chemotherapy is hair loss. 

During this difficult phase of their lives, cancer patients deserve to feel reassured and comfortable with their appearance. Wigs for cancer patients can provide them with confidence and joy. When you look good, you feel good. Our human hair wigs for cancer patients can grant them the strength to keep preserving during this turbulent time in their lives. We provide cancer wigs for men, women, and children in San Diego, CA.


Why Do Cancer Patients Experience Hair Loss?


As previously mentioned, the type of chemotherapy drugs and the amount of dose will affect how your body reacts. Specifically, it will affect how much hair you lose. The way chemotherapy works is by attacking cells that reproduce quickly. Unfortunately, this also goes for healthy cells that are able to do this as well. In other words, the cells in your hair follicles are also attacked during the chemotherapy treatment. This is referred to as Chemotherapy-Induced Alopecia (CIA). In fact, according to Medical News Today, many people consider refusing chemotherapy due to the fear of hair loss. 

In most cases, it takes time before you begin to lose hair due to chemotherapy. Usually, it can take several weeks or cycles of treatment. Expect to see hair loss in 1 to 2 months into treatment.

Fortunately, hair loss induced by chemotherapy is not permanent. Once a patient ends their cancer treatment, it’s very possible to regain their hair. Typically, hair starts to grow back 1 to 3 months after chemotherapy ends. It may take 6 to 12 months before your hair grows back completely. 

We Produce Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

At the Hair Loss Center in San Diego, we’re dedicated to helping those who are experiencing hair loss or thinning regain confidence in themselves and their appearance through great-looking human hair wigs. We believe that a great wig can make a difference in the quality of one’s life. We guarantee an authentic and comfortable human hair wig for cancer patients.

Helping cancer patients gain the perfect 100% real human and European hair wig is a mission we hold close to our hearts. Our owner and CEO, Nazy Curtis, is a breast cancer survivor. Additionally, she’s experienced alopecia as well. Therefore, she is familiar with the emotions surrounding hair loss due to devastating reasons. It’s because of her that we work diligently to help others who are experiencing hair loss, such as cancer patients, to find comfort in their appearance. Our Amani human hair wigs for cancer patients are made with the purpose of making you feel confident and secure during difficult times.  


Real Hair Wigs For Cancer Patients In San Diego


We make human hair wigs for cancer patients in San Diego. Chemotherapy can be tough on a person’s body and mental state. Our 100% real, human hair wigs can provide a sense of self during this difficult time. But this doesn’t have to be the case. 

With proper planning, you can use an Amani wig made exactly for you to hide your hair loss. Our wigs will be the most perfect match for your natural hair, you’ll love the way they look on you. You won’t have to be afraid of returning to San Diego’s beautiful, sunny beaches. Let the wind blow through your hair while you enjoy a lovely walk on the sand. 

Our Wig Experts Make The Best Wigs For Cancer Patients


Here at the San Diego Hair Loss Center, we are prideful in the work we do. We provide high-quality, natural-looking wigs for those suffering from hair loss, regardless of the reason why. Our human hair wigs for cancer patients are skillfully crafted to suit the needs of a client, especially of those undergoing cancer treatment. 

Unfortunately, store-purchased wigs cannot guarantee the security and comfort that we can. You run the risk of buying a wig that may or may not fit properly. On the contrary, our wigs are made ideally to your needs and measurements. Our expert wig designers know how to professionally cut and style the wigs for each person’s preference. They also know how to properly recommend the correct hair color and texture best suited for you. 

How To Care For Your Cancer Wigs


According to our professional wig experts, proper care of your cancer wig will ensure it will last for a long time. Because our Amani wigs are made from 100% real human hair, it makes the maintenance routine not as complicated as you may think. 

First, you’ll need to comb gently through the wig. This removes any knots in the wig. Secondly, you’ll need to wash your custom cancer wig with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. By doing so, you’ll care for the hair strands without drying them out. Lastly, after it’s dry, you’ll store the wig in a safe place, preferably on a mannequin. This ensures it keeps its shape intact. 

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